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In a survey by IDC, it was estimated that organizations with 1,000 employees lose an average of $48,000 per week due to the time wasted searching for and not finding the right information.


Why is PandaChat better than ChatGPT

PandaChat is developed to be installed on your premises, ensuring that it can handle confidential information without sending it to external servers. On the other hand, ChatGPT is a specialized language model created by OpenAI, which operates using servers on the cloud. Consequently, data needs to be sent to OpenAI's servers for processing.

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Transforming all industries using the power of AI


Secure & fast team communication

PandaChat enhances team collaboration, ensuring data safety and swift real-time communication for efficient decision-making. Team members can consolidate expertise, creating a valuable knowledge repository, resulting in improved efficiency and responsiveness

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Keep your data safe in your own data center

Choose a database independent of OpenAI - By relying on PandaChat, an AI tool independent from OpenAI, businesses can ensure that their confidential data remains within their control, reducing the risk of potential data breaches or unauthorized access.

Whitelabeling Boosts Recognition & Trust

PandaChat offers the powerful feature of whitelabeling, empowering businesses to uphold a seamless brand identity across all communication channels. This not only reinforces brand recognition and trust among customers but also fosters a sense of community among employees.

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Your data

Your infrastructure

We customize Natural Language Understanding (NLU) solutions, catering to your unique requirements. Take absolute control & maximize data security - deploy our tool on your infrastructure.

Embrace the freedom to define the rules, and witness AI excellence unfold like never before. Whether it's unleashing the potential of your data or optimizing your infrastructure, our AI adapts to your preferences, amplifying your capabilities and maximizing your success.


Data Privacy Meets AI Excellence

Open source models are at the heart of PandaChat's cutting-edge AI solutions, empowering you to adapt and tailor AI to precisely fit your unique business requirements. With our customizable tool, PandaChat unleashes the true potential of open-source AI, allowing you to harness its power for solving specific challenges and enhancing your operations.

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Seamlessly Integrate OpenAI with PandaChat

We understand that some clients may prefer to leverage the capabilities of OpenAI. Rest assured, we've got you covered! If you desire to integrate OpenAI into your AI infrastructure, our team of experts can seamlessly manage the process, providing you with the best of both worlds - state-of-the-art AI solutions powered by PandaChat's database and the remarkable OpenAI technology.

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Mobile App

With PandaChat mobile app, you can now access information and data insights anytime, anywhere. This powerful app allows you to engage in conversations with any file, image, audio, website, or even a YouTube video – all in the palm of your hand.

Customizable mobile application, available for iOS & Android

Stay connected & informed even when you're in a meeting, working from home, or traveling

By using the app, employees can quickly share and discuss files, images, and audio, making collaboration smoother and more efficient.

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Enhance your business with PandaChat Embed - seamless chatbot integration! Tailor the interface to provide a superior user experience, ensuring you're always there for your visitors. Be accessible, be efficient, and see your business thrive.

Seamlessly customize the interface and tone of voice to perfectly match your unique needs and brand identity

Engage in dynamic conversations with users, leveraging data from the website to provide relevant & accurate information

Create a knowledge base by leveraging the data from your website, such as FAQ or product/service information

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The key distinction lies in PandaChat's ability to offer responses using your personalized data. It is specifically designed for on-premise deployment, ensuring sensitive data remains within your own infrastructure and is not transmitted to external servers. In contrast, ChatGPT is a proprietary language model developed by OpenAI that operates on cloud-based servers, necessitating the transmission of data to OpenAI's servers.

PandaChat employs open-source Language Models, and the specific model chosen depends on the particular use case and server requirements. It provides a range of models, with parameter counts ranging from 7 billion to 176 billion. The selection of the appropriate variant is determined by the company's unique requirements, the volume of data, and any time constraints they may have.

PandaChat provides personalized solutions designed to meet the unique needs of each client. Consequently, the cost of PandaChat services is determined based on the specific requirements of individual projects. We offer a complimentary consultation to evaluate potential clients' needs and offer a tailored cost estimate for their services. If you are interested, it is advisable to reach out to PandaChat team directly to discuss your project's requirements. You can contact us here (insert link).

At the heart of PandaChat lies a substantial language model (LLM) complemented by multiple additional layers. These layers encompass a data integration component, caching, and load-balancing mechanisms, all working together to enhance performance. Moreover, PandaChat features tools to construct personalized document processing workflows, corporate-wide authentication for various departments and individuals, and an API that ensures effortless accessibility.

We acknowledge that some clients may wish to utilize the potential of OpenAI. No worries! Our team of experts can efficiently handle the integration process, ensuring a seamless incorporation of OpenAI into your AI infrastructure.

PandaChat sets itself apart from other chat platforms by offering on-premise installation, ensuring that you retain full control over your data. Our locally stored LLM (Large Language Model) models have been developed to ensure that your data never leaves our servers. All data processing and storage take place locally, guaranteeing the highest levels of privacy and confidentiality. With PandaChat, your data remains in your hands, exactly where it should be.



PandaChat B2C will supercharge your work. B2C model facilitates interactive data exploration, granting users unprecedented insights and rapid information retrieval where, through PandaChat mobile app, Chrome Extension or Web interface you can chat with your data anywhere you are.

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